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Jennifer at Made Strong Physical Therapy & Wellness is here to instill hope and direction to maximize your potential and achieve goals you could only dream of.  She believes that movement is medicine, and with the right approach and guidance can transform your life for the better.  


Being faced with a tough diagnosis, chronic condition, or life-altering situation can be discouraging.  Jennifer is here to help you take control of your life and feel confident in your future.  


How Made Strong is different...

Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING to be able to move without pain?  Or tried EVERYTHING to have the energy to get back to the things you love?  Jennifer takes an in depth assessment to find the ROOT CAUSE of your problem, and is invested to helping you find a long term solution.


The Made Stronger Program

Virtual exercise and wellness program for those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune conditions, stroke survivors, and other mobility challenges from the comfort of home!

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Virtual Visits

Get back on track with virtual sessions from the comfort of your own home!

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Home Visits

In person sessions for those in the Denver area.  We come to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

With traditional physical therapy, typically you see your doctor first and then receive an order for PT.  Traditional PT usually lasts anywhere between 6-12 weeks, or until your health insurance no longer covers it.  You may be seen several times per week, often overlapped with other individuals competing for the therapist's time and attention.  

When you work with Jennifer at Made Strong Physical Therapy, you do not necessarily need to see your doctor first, you can come directly to us!  This will allow you to start working towards your goals sooner.  Jennifer will then determine the best fit for you to create the lifestyle and direction to get on track towards the life you dream of.

We do not accept insurance and are a completely private pay practice.  We believe that your insurance should not dictate your access and ability to get the help that you need.  Your health and ability to take control of your situation is an investment to maximize your independence, and avoid piles of medical bills and insurance denials in the process.  With Made Strong Physical Therapy, you know what you pay up front with no surprise bills months down the road.  And a better outcome in the end!

Traditional physical therapy is often burdened with paperwork, insurance obstacles, and focus on the quantity over the quality of care.  You may find yourself competing for the therapist's attention, or being handed off to work with aides instead of the expert.  You may be only getting 10-15 minutes of quality care.  You may then be capped at a certain number of visits as dictated by your insurance, just to find that you are back with the same problem a few months later.  With this model of care, I can devote my full time and attention to YOU and your goals with the expertise and devotion to your condition, and push you beyond the limits of traditional therapy.

I come to you.

I have realized how much of an obstacle just getting to therapy can be.  Whether you simply don't have time, are fatigued or in too much pain to move, or don't have access to transportation, I met you where you are.  This could be through in-home visits, virtual visits, or through the online Made Stronger Program.  This could save you an extra 24 EXTRA hours of unnecessary time commuting over a traditional PT care plan that you could spend with your family, friends, doing the things that MATTER to you!

You are heard.

There is no time limit.  I spend 1:1 time with you for a full hour, sometimes longer if needed, in the comfort of your home.  No more feeling rushed to get your story out, or being handed off to a tech or aide to go through "cookie-cutter" exercises that don't seem to help you much.  I am on call for you and invested in identifying the root cause of your problem to ensure your own long term success.

Rapid access to care.

I do not require a physician referral to get started.  Instead of waiting 4 weeks to see your doctor, and another 2 weeks to get into PT, I can assess and identify if you will benefit from physical therapy, bypassing 6 weeks of waiting to start addressing your pain or mobility problem.

You are a partner in your care.

Working together in a partnership in your wellness allows you to make the decisions in your care, instead of a third party dictating what help you can receive. 


I am READY.  

Learn more on how to THRIVE and take your life back.


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